Lydden Hill Motorsport Club to co-promote Sprints with Borough 19 Motor Club in 2021

Looking ahead to what we hope will be an exciting season of motorsport in 2021, Lydden Hill Motorsport Club (LHMC) has joined other clubs to co-promote two sprints at Lydden Hill Race Circuit in July and September.

A Sprint is made up of a series of timed runs, with your best time counting in the final results. The best part about Sprinting is that if you get your first run wrong you still have a chance of making amends on the second run.

The Ray Heal Memorial Sprint in July will see LHMC join an existing team of co-promoting clubs which includes Borough 19, Sevenoaks & District MC, Tunbridge Wells MC and Maidstone & Mid Kent MC. This event is run in memorial of Ray Heal who was the Speed Championship Co-Ordinator for the Association of South Eastern Motor Clubs (ASEMC) for many years. Therefore it seems fitting that several ASEMC member clubs work together on this event. This event will feature the SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship and the Borough 19 GF & Co. Speed Championship to name but a few. As part of LHMC co-promoting this event, invitational classes have been created for our Rallycross competitors with a class for over 1600cc and under 1600cc cars.

In September, an All Day Sprint will again be held at Lydden Hill and this time it will be a co-promotion between Borough 19 & LHMC which will again include invitation classes for Rallycross competitors in the same way as the July event.

At both events LHMC will also supply several officials to support the operations of the event including the Secretary of the Meeting and at least one Club Steward with the other clubs providing various other officials. Anyone wishing to marshal can volunteer through the new LHMC website.

Any LHMC member can compete in these events providing they hold the minimum of a Motorsport UK RS Interclub licence and have a vehicle which complies with the technical regulations for Sprints which can be found by visiting the Motorsport UK website. However, at a Sprint there are classes for standard and near-standard vehicles making sprinting an easy way to get in to club level motorsport.

Full Supplementary Regulations for both events will be available soon and entries will open via the Borough 19 Motor Club website in due course.

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